What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is an emerging niche in documentary lifestyle photography. It’s a way to capture the story of your newborn child's arrival in your world, from labour and delivery to the first moments with your baby. It helps to create your personal family history in a way that records those memories forever, including first cuddle, first feed and first time meeting their growing family.

I will document the excitement, the anticipation and the tender exchanges between you and your partner before, during and after labour and delivery as well as those moments when you first meet and snuggle your baby, when they take their first breath, have first cry and share your skin-to-skin moments together. I will document all the exciting moments following the birth, too from finding out the sex, weight, measurements, footprints, and also meeting the rest of the family (especially grandparents and siblings)!

Importantly, it takes the pressure off your birth partner, who is freed to take part in the whole birth experience and support you, mother, rather than spend it with a point and shoot camera in hand. The birth of a child happens so fast and often times you lose the finer moments and details in the midst of all the commotion and emotions. I make sure to preserve every moment of your birth experience through a beautiful bespoke photographic record.

Hiring me as your professional birth photographer will allow you to sit back (so to speak) and focus on birthing rather than stressing how your partner or doula will manage supporting you AND capture every moment.

The birth of a child is one of the most momentous things you will experience in life and I would be honoured at the opportunity to document every moment of it for you.