Who am I?

I am a professional photographer based in Manchester. I would love the opportunity to photograph your birth as a 'fly on the wall' in the room allowing you to concentrate on the matters at hand and for your partner to concentrate on you. I am interested in photographing natural births, C-Sections, or home births.

A little about my history. My mother was a midwife so I spent a lot of my childhood hearing about pregnancy and birth. It is a subject that continues to fascinate and inspire me. I also have a life-long interest in photography and documenting daily life and experiences.

I first became interested in birth photography when I read an article about it a few years ago. Then, recently, a friend of my mine had a baby. Her birth partner having bought a new camera spent much of her labour taking photos rather than focusing on her. In the end none of the photos came out and the time spent on the camera and not on her can never be recaptured. I see my job as giving you that time. And giving you a visual account of your birth experience that you will have forever.