Want to hear what people have to say about Tara's work?
"Tara has an extraordinary eye she can capture beauty and grace that we mere mortals fail to see. She uses light and shadow as her paint palette whether she is shooting in full color or black and white. She and her camera are one she can see mystery and wonder in a table of earthenware jars, a fallen leaf or a broken bicycle and she allows us to come along for the journey. How lucky are we!" (Ed, New York)

"I have a piece of Tara's photography that she took in Amsterdam. Since acquiring it, I've taken it across the world and back. Everywhere I've lived, it's not only reminded me of my trip there, it's often sparked conversation when friends come around. Tara's ability to creatively capture everyday contexts with her camera is truly special!" (Sonya, London)

"I have known Tara for over 30 years, she is hard working, committed and dedicated. I have had the opportunity to have Tara take pictures of my children when they were younger. One of my favourite shots is a picture of my daughter when she was about 5 years old and this pictures is still displayed on my fireplace mantle. I particularly love the interesting and different angles she uses in her photography it allows for very special pieces of art. Very well done Tara!" (Karen, Toronto)

"Tara's photos are breathtaking. She is able to elicit the perfect emotion through every shot and her pictures draw you in as if you were with her the moment she got the shot. Every time I am with Tara I am grateful for her to have her camera as I know the memories of wherever we are will be captured beautifully." (Tara J, Chicago)

"I can walk by the same coffeehouse a hundred times and pay no mind to it. I look at the same coffeehouse through Tara’s shutter lens and I take notice. Tara, somewhat like Duchamp, has the ability to take an ordinary thing and coax us to look at it in a different way. What is noticed, either lines or shapes or flow or message, that is left to the viewer; but there is no denying that what we’ll see through Tara's lens will be different from what we see without it, and thus, if only the littlest bit, we are changed in our perspective of things. And that is all an artist can ask." (Elias, Toronto)

"When it came to choosing which of Tara's photos to have on the wall of my new home, the hardest part was narrowing it down to which piece to go for. Tara has a great eye for capturing the small and interesting details in every day scenes, and her use of colour is vibrant and powerful. Her work now brightens up the wall of my room - it was hard to choose the right one, but it was well worth it." (Holly, Manchester)