Why hire a birth photographer?

First of all, what is birth photography?
Birth photography is a form of documentary photography that captures labour, delivery and first moments with new baby. The images are in a word, stunning. Documenting the birth experience tells the story of your child's journey into the world – their First Adventure. Personally, I find that they show the strength of women in labour and are powerful reminders of just how amazing women's bodies are.

Why should you hire a birth photographer?
Whenever I tell people I'm a birth photographer I get 'the look'. You can just see what they are thinking, 'you take photos of women giving birth?' They get tense. Grimace. But once I explain what I do, I see them relax, and usually it is followed by 'that's so cool!'. The truth is, it is cool. In fact, it's pretty awesome.

Here are five reasons you might hire a professional birth photographer:

1. Your partner is part of the story. They should be focused on you, not worrying if the camera is in focus. Also, your medical support staff are too busy looking after you to take photos. I'll give you an example; a friend of mine bought a new camera to document her birth. Her birth partner didn't know how to use the camera and NONE of the photos came out. They lost everything. But what they lost most was the time her birth partner could have given to her rather than fiddling with a camera. That time can't be reclaimed. I give you that time.

2. Birth is made of many moments. Your birth story reminds you of the small moments you may never have even been aware of - like how your partner holds your hand, rubs your back or gently caresses your face. Or the way they admire the power of what your body can achieve. There are so many other moments – first breath, first cry, skin-to-skin, the moment your parents meet their grandchild and siblings meet their new best friend. If they aren’t captured, they are gone forever.

3. I have good gear. Photos from a camera phone or point and shoot will never compare to images from professional camera gear. And I know how to use it. In low light and in a fast paced environment.

4. You document of all the other big moments in life – weddings, graduations, birthdays - why not celebrate the original birth day?

5. Why just tell your child the story of their birth, show them!! When your child is older and asks about the story of their birth, think of how amazing it will be to pull out an album and show them.

Growing up, my mother told me a hilarious story of how she found me in a dumpster and my father insisted on keeping me. I'm pretty sure if we had photos, the truth would have come out sooner. After all, I look exactly like her!!

Hospital birth, home birth, Birth Centre? You're covered! I am happy to document your birth story wherever you chose to meet your baby.

Isn't having a stranger in the room intrusive?
Well, when you think about it there are plenty of people in the room – partner, midwives, doula, doctors, family members, close friends. What's one more person? Me, I act as a fly on the wall, and if I'm doing my job right you should forget I'm even there. My job is to quietly record and document the whirlwind of activity taking place around you. And that lets you get on with the business at hand.

Isn't it graphic?
Well, that depends on you. Long before your first contraction we will meet and go over everything you want (and don't want) out of your experience. So if you want me to take a photo of the moment your baby arrives earthside, I can strive for that, if not, I will know my place and steer clear. It's your birth experience; it’s up to you. You can also have different sets of images - a set for your personal memories and one for family and friends. Again, it's up to you.

I will happily document your birth experience, artistically, discreetly and with professionalism. After, you receive a bespoke set of images, telling the story of your child's first adventure.

So when asking why hire a birth photographer, I say, why not?

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